About Moi

Hey there!

I’m Megan or Meg. Throughout my college life, I have earned a Bachelors Honours degree in Marketing and a Masters in Public Relations and New Media along with a few society awards. I also completed a thesis titled “A Study into the use of Social Media as an Influential Tool to Promote Body Positivity in Irish Female Adolescents. To check out my my college assignment blog page and blogs, click here!

I play roller derby with Cork City Firebirds and can be found showing off my derby kisses (bruises) on a regular basis. I also manage their social media channels with a few others on the team. I also enjoy live music, foosball, travelling, photography, and poetry; which is what encouraged me to set all this up!

I wanted to try something new and challenge myself, so I went a poetry night and discovered, I’m not that bad of writer/poet. I always saw myself as creative but I guess I hadn’t the time to explore it extensively and nourish it the past few years. There’s no time better than the present, so welcome to the creative workings of Meg!