About Moi

Hey there!

I’m Megan or Meg. Instead of delaying you checking out what’s going on, I’ll give you a quick lowdown about what’s going on and where you can find it!

Creative Workings:

  • Poetry
  • Photography
  • Videography

Regular attend of Ó Bhéal and semi-finalist of the Munster Poetry Slam. Performed at the closed mic of the 2017 Winter Warmer Festival and Slamzas. Published in Ó Bhéal’s “Five Word Volume XI” (2018) and “Autonomy”; a collection of prose and poetry (2018)

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  • Bachelors Honours degree in Marketing
  • Masters in Public Relations and New Media
  • Best Society Individual along with a few society awards.
  • Thesis titled “A Study into the use of Social Media as an Influential Tool to Promote Body Positivity in Irish Female Adolescents.
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I play roller derby with Cork City Firebirds and can be found showing off my derby kisses (bruises) on a regular basis. The sense of body positivity and and female empowerment often informs my poetry. I also enjoy live music, foosball, travelling, photography,