About Moi

Hey there!

I’m Megan or Meg. Throughout my college life, I have earned a Bachelors Honours degree in Marketing and a Masters in Public Relations and New Media along with a few society awards. I also completed a thesis titled “A Study into the use of Social Media as an Influential Tool to Promote Body Positivity in Irish Female Adolescents.

I play roller derby with Cork City Firebirds and can be found showing off my derby kisses (bruises) on a regular basis. I also manage their social media channels with a few others on the team. I also enjoy live music, foosball, travelling, photography, and poetry; which is what encouraged me to set all this up!

I wanted to try something new and challenge myself, so I went a poetry night and discovered, I’m not that bad of writer/poet. I always saw myself as creative but I guess I hadn’t the time to explore it extensively and nourish it the past few years. There’s no time better than the present, so welcome to the creative workings of Meg!